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leqi Plastic Easy-open Lid & Cap

  • Обновленный2017-04-18 16:29:30

Подробное описание

 Introduction of Leqi Gai

(Plastic Easy-open Lid & Cap)

Leqi Gai ( plastic easy-open lid & cap) is a ring-pull lid & cap which is made of plastic resin polypropylene (PP) (as shown in the figure 1). The normal ring pull lid is made of aluminum (as shown in figure 2).

By adopting PP as materials instead of aluminum , the pulling force to open the lid would be significantly reduced. Moreover, the edge of the Leqi Gai, after opening, would not hurt one’s fingers (as shown in figure 3 and 4), as the PP material is softer than aluminum.

Leqi Gai is easy to assemble with plastic jars and it can maintain perfect sealing after assembly, and no liquid or air will leak from the jars (as shown in figure 5). 

Assembled with PET jars, the Leqi Gai is fit for packaging a variety of food and beverage in liquid and solid forms, such as fruit juice, milk, cooking oil, biscuit, sugar, milk powder and etc as shown as below.

This is a totally new packing mode for foods and other stuffs and it has taken over 5 years to launch the product into the market from research & development, design, prototyping and production. The unique design of the Leqi Gai has been recognized and accepted widely. The certificate of utility model patent and design patent have been approved and issued to Leqi Gai by over 30 countries and regions such as China, Unite States, European Union, Japan, Republic of Korea and so on.

Leqi Gai consists of two parts, sealing cover and colored cap (as shown below).

The colored cap includes ring-pull lid and press cap. As original PP material is colorless, by adding colorants to the PP, the caps could be made in different colors. By pulling the ring, the lid could be easily opened and disposable , shown as below.

By closing the sealing cover, it could still keep the cover tight without leakage.

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