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Le cover - we came in a threatening manner

2016-08-29 16:19:36 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

The company to service society, the revitalization of China's plastics industry as their responsibility, good governance, reform and innovation, pioneering spirit, after years of struggle, has achieved remarkable results. Looking to the future, the company will seize the opportunity to increase the independent innovation of the products, to speed up the process of internationalization, achieve development by leaps and bounds and economies of scale, has become the national competitiveness and national awareness of Chinese plastic products flagship enterprises.

As is known to all, the traditional metal pot or glass tank has been a series of problems, such as cost, transportation, safety and so on.

Now I break the bottleneck of industry technology, developed a lightweight fashion, green environmental protection, security does not hurt the hand plastic cans Le Qigai.

Le Qigai easy open cap) is our company in the development of the second generation of new plastic cans, was born in 2015, is now fully listed has been obtained more than 30 countries patent protection in the United States, South Korea, etc., more than 22 countries registered trademark, a variety of 10 series, hundreds of kinds of specifications, quality assurance, safety without hand injury.

Compared with the traditional plastic cans aluminum sealing ring cover music with many innovations.

Le is opened the biggest innovation of cover in the tank cover and the pull ring use plastic PP material, sealing strong, pull cover is not easy to scratch the hand, safety and practicality, exquisite intimate.

As storage container, Le Kai cover using is safe and non-toxic food grade PP, PET material, is not easy to be deformed, and is convenient for goods transportation, less damage, low cost, gas and water vapor permeability is low resistance oil resistance to dilute acid, alkali, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, odorless, safety and health, all kinds of food packaging, liquid, such as fruit juice, milk, water carbonated beverages, coffee, cosmetics, oil etc., very convenient and practical.

Le Kai cover using barrier (airtight) excellent packaging materials, card slot lock perfect sealing, omit aluminium sealing machine sealing part and defective goods, effectively prevent food spoilage, applicable to store a variety of pickled products such as all kinds of pickled vegetables and soy products, fruit and other various needs fresh food, applicability is very wide, rest assured that the use of more peace of mind.

Music to open the cover body transparent, content is clear and intuitive, easy to distinguish, to enhance the customer's desire to buy; and Le Kai cover a variety of very much, the whole model, production speed, cap color can arbitrary choice, Xpress custom collocation.

Lok Kai shape beautiful appearance, fashion and light, reusable, safe and environmentally friendly, small tanks can be portable, convenient and practical, with plastic bags, glass bottles can not match the advantages of

The company now the new patent products in everyone's expectations and wishes to formally put into production, in order to repay the new and old customers I now carry out activities. We will be super low price, perfect quality of service to allow customers to feel ahead of the joy of the cover wide market prospects.

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