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Plastic hollow products to explore the transformation of the road

2016-11-07 16:46:51 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

In the production costs continue to rise, the resources and environment constraints continue to strengthen, the economic slowdown in the background, the domestic plastic hollow products industry is also facing a severe test, the transformation of the task is urgent. On August 19, 2016 hollow plastic products industry market and technology exchange will be held in Beijing, delegates believe that future plastic hollow products enterprises will show a relatively specialized, local automation and moderate scale development trend. Industry should vigorously develop new technologies, new products, new formats, new models, to promote the upgrading of products, to foster new competitive advantage.
Meeting site "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, China plastic hollow products yield global ratio has exceeded 30%, the varieties of products covering more than 80% of the species, to meet the basic needs of domestic demand and there is a small amount of exports. However, due to the rapid development over the years, hollow plastic products industry exists serious overcapacity, product a high degree of homogeneity, vicious competition in the industry and customers conversion cost is low, enterprise development and differences in capacity is weak and other issues, the vast majority of enterprises lack of R & D team, experimental line, new product R & D capability low.
In view of the above issues, China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Qian Guijing suggested that the industry should focus on the transformation of the two work:
First, to high-end as the center, to promote the upgrading of products. 12th Five-Year period, the development of the industry into a mature period, the downward pressure on the economy in the larger case, can not wait for the old product glow new year, to actively cultivate new economic growth point. For example, the light weight of wine packaging, logistics tray, automotive plastic fuel tanks and other fields have a larger value-added space.
Two is to enhance the production efficiency as the core, to foster the competitiveness of the new normal. Plastic hollow products industry is a labor-intensive industries, single operation and more, the future should improve the ERP system, focusing on the application of MES system to overcome the problem, the effective integration of these two systems. In the equipment, the enterprise equipment localization rate high, but basically there is no on-line control system, the lack of precise intelligent control and mold intelligent perception system, larger gap with foreign countries and need to make great efforts to cultivate competitive advantages in technology and equipment. In addition, but also to improve the efficiency of resource allocation, improve the total factor productivity, further conversion of profit models, and cultivate new sources of profit.
China Plastics Processing Industry Association Deputy Secretary General of the grandson Winterspring pointed out that the industry transformation should focus on market research, market demand oriented innovation orientation, to achieve product differentiation, personalized customer; to promote the industrial scale, intensive, reduce the cost of production cost and technology innovation; strengthen personnel training, provide strong support for innovation; improve the process, improve the efficiency and quality of, reduce the production cost. Dai nano packaging (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Du Weiwei, hollow plastic products enterprises should focus on vertical industry chain construction and integration, and cooperation in the upstream and downstream industry chain, through the realization of the integration of industrial chain profit optimization, work together to face the problem and assume responsibility.
Participants also discussed the resistance to low temperature, shelf, production line developed with blow molding trays, large plastic hollow container forming technology, stacking barrels plastic cap and its application, calcium carbonate Toughening Masterbatch of polyolefin materials morphology and mechanical properties of innovative products and technologies

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