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The eight year old tin handicrafts 15 years of focus

2016-11-07 16:48:21 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

A shiny scissors, a clamp, a ruler, a 81 year old retired old man Zhao Songqing is focused on making his fifth generation "Peacock" tin handicrafts.

"The fifth generation" Peacock "making up more trouble, need to stain, patch. The finer the thread is cut, the effect of the finished product looks more realistic." In April 12th, Yinchuan city Xingqing District Yan Ge Lake CMC Yan Qingyuan community, Zhao Songqing with great interest to reporters in the hands of the "masterpiece". "Peacock" lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy "Songhe yannian"...... These handicrafts are true to life by Zhao Songqing old strong hands, they occupy every corner of the living room and balcony, its material is simply discarded cans.

Before retirement, Zhao Songqing is a geological prospecting member of the oil field. A friend of the party in his retirement and the fate of source cans. In 2001, retired party colleagues, old friends out with cans produced by the small chair for everyone to see. "I liked it, and I had the idea of learning." Zhao Songqing said, with the help of friends, he learned to make a simple chair, butterfly, etc.. Since then, Zhao Songqing cans every day and dealing with the continuous research and innovation, 15 years, he has not remember how many pieces of handicrafts made cans.

In order to make every piece of the image more realistic, Zhao Songqing no less effort. The first step is to make cans cut into 1 to 2 mm filaments. For Zhao Songqing, it was a common thing to cut his hand. Therefore, his family aid had never broken. "When making this pine tree, I went downstairs to pick up some of the branches to imitate, it took 1 months before the completion of the production. Sometimes from the TV to see more beautiful works, I will immediately make changes to their deficiencies." The old man said with cans.

The table in his living room, there are 14 kinds of beverage cans riotous with colour. Red Bull's bottle is suitable for the trunk, Wang Laoji's bottle used to cut flowers, the most beautiful." Zhao Songqing said. His wife Guan Lizhen told reporters that since his wife began to learn tin handicrafts, children drinking habits from bottled into cans, to save a certain amount of you, many neighbors have also sent cans, Zhao Songqing never rejected.

Exquisite works to attract a lot of old friends and neighbors look, there are people to ask Zhao Songqing, he was generous to send. "Make these not for others, is a happy, but also exercise the body." In order to make this craft is not lost, the children in the community regardless of who they are conscientious teacher, Zhao Songqing.

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