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Turn bad into good waste cans can also paint

2016-11-08 12:08:31 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

The 69 year old Liu Ziqiang, who lives in Hongqiao District Shao Gong Zhuang Street Xianyang community Long Yue garden district. Since he was fond of art and crafts, he finally retired in 2002 to pick up his hobby. The reporter saw in Liu Ziqiang's house, on the wall hangs a picture of colorful hand-painted, approached a look, only to find the secret, these were not brush painting, but with various colors of cans and packaging paper cut collage.

"My impression is small when someone cut off the stamp, make various patterns, and by extension, I think the use of calendars, advertising paper, packaging paper." Liu Ziqiang said, the first piece of waste paper calendars, color stitching advertising itself is the completion of the Yangliuqing, then a get out of hand. By chance, he saw on TV with the white part of cans negative portrayal, and he felt bright can throw a pity, so the germination of the idea of painting color with cans. Although it is not easy, but also scratched the hand, but the first piece of work in the west of the journey has finally been. After that, Liu Ziqiang has made three strikes peentofeast, Yue Fei and peacock series, more than 20 paintings, each true to life. In order to support Liu Ziqiang's hobby, the family also helped to collect all kinds of packaging paper cans and bright colors.

Liu Ziqiang said, with the limitations of the paint cans is small size, color is not easy, especially in some parts of the color transition, from several cans of cut and spliced. The advantages of painting is cans more stereo.

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