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The tangle of health

2016-11-08 12:09:58 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

Small ring leads to health can tangle, is not a new topic. As early as two or three years ago, it has spread over more sensational news. When the network transmission in northern Guangzhou Huadu District, a woman in the drink cans of soda after hospital death, autopsy results show is caused by cans of soda leptospire infected rat urine. After the experts and the media to clarify the rumors are rumors, but this will inevitably leave a hint of hard to swing in people's hearts.

The World Cup final between Holland and Spain on the evening, Malaysia, habitually downstairs to the canteen to buy cola, almost without thinking he bought a bottle of cola, "although the chilled canned Cola tastes better," he told reporters Chinese quality miles, "but delay to watch the match, because it can not to drink the health, cleaning, too much trouble."

The horse is serving in Beijing, a company culture of white-collar workers. A survey on the health hazards, can the degree of attention, the city than in rural areas, big city small city than high educated groups than less educated population. In 2008, one of the cans of health problems of the Xiamen University and the popularity of the survey, in the common defects in the design of the largest packaging cans is what "," there will be dust and debris accumulation bottle "is listed in the first place.

Currently on the market Chinese ordinary cans are mainly two types, one is the traditional "lifting" tab, separate the ring pull and tank, often people carelessly throw away; the other is now accounted for the mainstream market "embedded" tab, is half ring design, ring pull, not from the tank off, but buckle in cans, beverage and direct contact. Two ring design, comparison, the latter is more than the former environmental protection, safety, health, but in terms of health, was criticized for consumers.

And the more cans on the market more and choose the "embedded" tab, such as beer, beverage etc.. "This is mainly based on the consideration of environmental protection and conservation." A well-known beer business manager told reporters that the lifting of the use of the traditional ring outside are often discarded, is not conducive to the recovery, not only caused by environmental pollution, and waste of enterprise cost.

A manager of the marketing department of canned manufacturer Wang Laoji said in an interview with reporters, the built-in tab is always there, but later in 2007 began to spread. Each city, especially foreign companies pioneered the use of the ring.

"Although there is no direct evidence that can make people sick after being contaminated, but intuitively, now some cans on the market if you do not wash directly drink that is certainly not health." Ma believes that "pop design should be further humanization, health and health is the first one for the consumer, environmental protection and conservation and other aspects are also to be considered, but are not as important to people's health."

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