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Can not bear the heavy

2016-11-08 12:13:16 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

In the visual design of network service providers "well designed" it seems that the food packaging should protect the health problems. "Food production and service environment is very different, the food requirements in the production environment, clean sanitation and ensure the quality of the temperature and humidity conditions in the environment can only rely on food packaging to ensure."

But a domestic canning business manager told reporters that the metal packaging industry China, controlled by some large part of "discourse power" by foreign owned and joint venture enterprises.

An article Chinese packaging network also pointed out that the lack of core technology of metal packaging industry in China, "the development of the international mainstream device has a digital, networked, high speed and low consumption, more environmentally friendly and humane direction, and Chinese metal packaging equipment and materials imported situation has not been fundamentally changed. Metal cans and Tetra Pak beverage enterprises, packaging production line basically is the introduction of equipment in the world."

"Foreign can not exist health problems, packaging production line will not be natural for consumers to change Chinese." The manager said.

However, the contents of the package after the filling is completed by the beverage, beer and other enterprises. Completely solve the beverage cans selling health risks, the key is to see the feasibility of specific programs". Metal packaging industry, a senior source told reporters that the voice of consumers will be passed out, and hope to attract the attention of the parties concerned.

Food companies also have their own concerns. The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Department of a company told reporters, "stamped or coated cans or will increase production costs". He said that the enterprise design, production and use of the cans are carried out in strict accordance with relevant industry standards, the enterprise is in the implementation of standards, there is nothing wrong, as to whether the existence of health risks, that is the industry standard problem.

The reporter noted, including the above mentioned in the "packaging containers - aluminum easy two piece steel tank" and other standards, health issues are not involved in cans.

The National Standard Committee of the Secretariat Lu Ming in an China quality tour reporter said, "it is impossible to develop standards on health problems of cans." He felt that the so-called health problem cans, there is not a problem. "Compared with bulk packaged food, health problems can not, what to say."

Dong Jinshi told reporters, such as changes in product packaging design, should be designed to the provincial department in accordance with relevant policies and regulations to audit. According to the health problems of cans, set the industry standard by the Department of health.

In fact, the health problems of cans is widespread concern, is consistent with the rapid development of the domestic market can. Analysis of Chinese packaging online experts, can China consumption in a period of rapid growth, such as the 2003 Chinese cans production of about 7 billion 500 million, 2004 8 billion 200 million, 2005 10 billion 300 million, he expects 2010 output of up to 18 billion cans.

"Food companies to consider their own interests more or more, or to the interests of consumers a little more?" Ben Ma said, "this is indeed a problem."

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