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Add a pop WiFi signal becomes full? The Herald reporter pro test confirmation

2016-11-09 11:38:18 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

A pair of scissors, one can, through simple manufacture, can become a high-energy weapons rescue signal indoor WiFi ""...... Recently, a skill that post on the Internet to spread, many netizens are curious but skeptical.

According to the netizen forwarding tutorial, just a can make a sector structure and fixed to the wireless router antenna, can enhance WiFi signal. Whether can really have this effect? Yesterday, the Herald reporter for the pro test verification according to the tutorial.

Confirmation signal grid increased slightly enhanced WiFi

According to the online tutorial, the Herald reporter the first empty cans washed, and then use the tool in the removal of the ring, the bottom opening, then cut the bottom cover cans.

Subsequently, the Herald reporter with scissors along the body straight cut to the top ring of about 2 cm, and then evenly on both sides to cut the scale of about 9 cm in length, and the tank body and a tank top ring at about 2 cm adhesion.

Then, the Herald reporter adjustment on both sides of the fan-shaped metal, uniform structure, and using a mobile phone and tablet computer respectively in the next space and balcony distance test.

At the beginning of two, the WiFi signal range of display for the 2 case, the sector can set into the antenna and is fixed, the signal remains unchanged.

The Herald reporter can then adjust the fan-shaped opening range, mobile phone and tablet computer slowly to full WiFi signal.

Analysis of factors affecting the signal can be enhanced and can also be reduced

By adjusting the range of cans, the Herald reporter noted that the next signal is enhanced, the position of the signal balcony remained unchanged, only then can adjust the fan-shaped area on the balcony, the signal will become strong. At the same time, in the back of the router and the sector area, the original full grid of WiFi signals, but has weakened, into the two grid.

The test also shows that the role is cans production process, room situation and other factors limit test is successful or failed, and only the linear range is WiFi fan, signal will be enhanced, the middle barrier is too much or too far away place, even if the set of easy pull cans are basically useless.

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