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Jiaxing women's open hand cut cans do not pay attention to one week after tendon rupture

2016-11-09 11:42:22 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

An open cans accidentally cut into small wound, finally actually lead to tendon rupture?! This is to say that most people do not dare to believe it?

But this true story happened in our side, Haining, Jiaxing, Ms. Gu is because of the small wound is not attached to this, leaving a hidden danger......

A week ago, Ms. Gu open cans at home, accidentally sharp mouth cut the middle finger of the right hand, then feel the wound is small there is no attention to yourself at home after disinfection with simple treatment of the wound paste.

In recent days, Ms. Gu suddenly found that the right middle finger can not be bent! She hurried to the hospital for medical treatment.

Yesterday afternoon, the second people's Hospital of Haining City, hand surgical outpatient admissions Ms. gu. After a detailed medical history and physical examination of the doctor after the diagnosis, Ms. Gu right middle finger flexor tendon rupture.

The doctor said, Ms. Gu put a scare. She wanted to do not understand, a small wound, how can lead to tendon rupture?

This problem is reported to the elder sister of the hand surgery of the Wu doctor, he introduced:

Human limbs tendon (colloquially referred to more, and reinforcement) in the superficial layers of skin, it is easy to be in the life of the knife, iron, knives and other sharp cuts. Sometimes the wound is small, patients do not pay attention, etc. over time found abnormal function to treatment, some patients have had tendon atrophy, missed the best time of operation.

It seems that the ordinary life of the small wound should also pay attention to ah!

Since this year, Haining has found many second hand surgery cases of old patients with tendon rupture. Although some patients after the injury to the local hospital or clinic visits, but there is still a case of tendon rupture occurred missed diagnosis. Because some injured tendon breakage patients still have a little time after injury of tendon connection, so the fingers can still play, after a period of time, not a little part of the rupture of the tendon tear because of weight after the discovery of the problem, in addition, because the tendon can play, so a lot of tendon rupture site but not in the wound site, even far away from the wound, so the non specialist easily missed.

Doctor reminder:

When a limb injury occurs, it is best to the regular hand and foot surgery, so as not to delay the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

So, how to gracefully open cans and will not scratch your finger?

Cans are divided into two types, namely embedded and external opening.

Outside the lift type pull mouth easily cut your fingers, so now there are a lot of beverage has built-in replace it.

When external lifting, put the index finger into the ring, pull the 45-50 angle, the thumb against the body, the index finger gently to the tank pull, pull ring invagination, then use one hand to hold the cans, then the index finger gently around Akira, was opened, not to hurt the hand and very elegant.

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