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How to prevent the harm of aluminium cans

2016-11-09 11:48:14 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

According to the survey of 22 kinds of beverage research staff, high content of aluminum beverage cans, 3 - 6 times higher than bottled drinks, if drinking, uncontrolled, will cause excessive intake of aluminum, cause harm to the body.

After years of research scientists found that aluminum is absorbed by the body, deposited in the human brain, heart, liver, kidney and other organs, and slow excretion, "not only" trend, especially on the organ of brain tissue and immune function will cause great harm. WHO in 1989 formally identified as food contaminants to be controlled, the proposed adult daily intake of 60 mg of aluminum.

Why can drink high aluminium content? As everyone knows, the cans to Aluminum Alloy as material, which is coated on the inner surface of some organic coatings, the Aluminum Alloy beverage and isolation. In the process of processing, it is inevitable that some of the protective coating is not coated, or coated too thin, so that the inner wall of aluminum alloy and beverage contact. Over time, the aluminum gradually dissolved, especially in the tank with acidic or alkaline drinks are more hazardous. Therefore, the beverage cans should not drink, drink more, especially the growth and development of children and the elderly poor excretory function strong, is to drink less better.

Refined aluminum cans will produce pollution. Aluminum cans after passivation, will not be generally weak acid dissolution. Aluminum can be deposited in the body for 30 years! After 30 years of aluminum poisoning to show symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Aluminum cans are usually in the inner wall is coated with a protective layer, aluminum cans are generally not acid erosion in the warranty period, but if the shelf life is not necessarily. Storage is too long, acid material and aluminum electrolysis reaction, so that the aluminum ions into a large number of drinks...... Excessive aluminum accumulation in the body, can cause Alzheimer's disease.

Try to avoid using aluminum containers or cans

At the same time maintain the aluminum ions to maintain the state of precipitation

Try not to use aluminum tableware. Aluminum tableware and iron tableware can not be used with the use of both, the chemical will lead to the occurrence of more aluminum ions into the food. (although the excess aluminum absorption body into toxic media that is not correct, consumers should have their own objective: aluminum is non-toxic, the amount of absorption of aluminum elements on the human body is a kind of physiological balance, manufacturers are now the pressure cooker is soft after oxygen treatment, and aluminum is currently hard after oxygen treatment, the surface oxide layer is hard. The aluminium salt is harmless to human body, the wear surface of the pot isolation layer of aluminum, oxygen is better than soft.

The cans are made of aluminum, with a little less good, usually aluminum should not be used.. Eat more people will become stupid.

Aluminum can damage the body responsible for cell energy conversion in the human body after ATP, thus hindering the energy conversion process of human cells. The researchers believe that making use of aluminum pots containing acid or alkaline foods, easy to make aluminum dissolved in food.

As the article had said with aluminum cooking are carcinogenic, also caused a great sensation. Use aluminum pot to cook has decades of history, recent research results pointed out that as long as the aluminum in cooking highly acidic foods or food will be placed overnight in the aluminum pan, will not pose a threat to human health.

Danger: Aluminum exceed the standard is a killer it is understood that aluminum is a kind of low toxic metal elements, it is not the trace elements needed by the body, will not cause acute poisoning, but food containing aluminum exceeded the national standard will cause harm to human body. Human intake of aluminum after only 10%-15% can be excreted from the body, most will accumulate in the body, combined with a variety of proteins, enzymes and other important components of human body, effects of various biochemical reactions, long-term exposure can damage the brain, leading to dementia, may also occur anemia, osteoporosis and other diseases, especially the body weak resistance to the elderly, children and pregnant women can cause harm, stunting, elderly dementia, pregnant women can affect fetal development.

Excessive consumption of aluminum extruded food, aluminum will continue to accumulate in the human body, causing the nervous system lesions, disturbing people's thinking, consciousness and memory function, severe cases may be dementia. When the content of aluminum in the human body is too high, it will affect the absorption of phosphorus. Formed in the intestine of insoluble aluminum phosphate excreted with the feces, and phosphorus deficiency also affect the absorption of calcium (calcium phosphate did not generate enough), resulting in deposition in bone calcium loss, inhibit bone formation, the occurrence of osteomalacia. Excessive intake of aluminum, but also may lead to osteoporosis, prone to fracture.

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