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Why liquor seldom used cans?

2016-11-10 10:26:06 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

We often see the beer and beverage cans is installed, does not seem to have seen how cans filled with wine? Why? What is the reason for few cans of liquor?

And cans of chemical reaction

The liquor contains high alcohol, liquor and other chemicals, if because of various reasons of rancidity, produce acidic substances, and will produce a chemical reaction inside the cans. Which will lead to corrosion of tank liquor leakage.

Is not conducive to the formation of "wine gets better"

Wine and other beverages, brewing after filling all kinds of aromatic substances which is still in the change, is also "the wine gets better". Shelf life is very long, but also increased the likelihood of these reactions. Can a shorter shelf life, and tank wall cans is very thin, the best equipped with gas containing liquid, such as cola, soda, beer and so on, not suitable for liquor.

Drinking is not easy to lead to volatile

Ordinary cans of capacity in 250-300ML, is a one-time, few people have such a large amount of alcohol (wine), if one can not drink, but also does not cover, alcohol will evaporate, so it will also taste wine, liquor use glass bottles and cans ceramic cover, and the use of such containers costumes, the longer time will become moist mellow.

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