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In three cans of heavy pollution

2016-11-10 10:29:23 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

Easy to pollute from inside to outside

It will lead to serious consequences of drinking the beverage cans? Cancel the inverted type pop top is imperative? What drink it people love to drink cans? To solve these problems, or take a look at the can, exactly what the health security risks.

Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, food safety expert Dong Jinshi in an interview with reporters, the birth has its environmental significance, but it is also a "defect". First of all, on the can body have color printing, the ink contains glue, paint and solvents, these are not edible material, but it is easy to pollute the jar, and then into the mouth of the people, a large number of long-term or so, will cause harm to health. While manufacturing cans containing aluminum foil, if the dress is acidic drinks, carbonated drinks, such as Orange Juice, the aluminum is likely to slow to dissolve into a beverage, or a large number of long-term intake of aluminum, can affect the bones and digestive system healthy pregnant women, excessive intake of aluminum, will affect the development of embryos. It will affect the intellectual development of children, the elderly have caused the risk of dementia.

Most importantly, the vast majority of cans were exposed on the outside of the whole, in the process of transportation and storage of highly susceptible to dust and microorganism pollution, more easily hidden dirt ring is not easy to clean, which may be due to contamination of pathogenic bacteria and virus infection of human. In the course of exposure, inevitably there are insects such as flies falls on it, it is difficult to avoid contact with the mouse, and the mouse itself can spread the plague, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, leptospirosis and other diseases, pathogens have their excreta, if contaminated people do not clean the tank port. On the mouth to drink, it will lead to disease and even fatal consequences.

From the "three sins", inverted because the pull ring type pop top can more easily come into contact with the beverage, thus making the probability of drinkers infections increased significantly.

[safety] drink cans

5 key points to avoid disease

According to the health and safety risks exist, can Dong Jinshi think, do you want to cancel the cans, which is still under study, therefore, people should correctly deal with this form of packaging is popular for many years, to develop good health habits, as much as possible so that they do not hurt, but also can enjoy the pleasure of drinking canned beverage, especially for people canned drinks, try to do the following:

1 try not to choose Griphook exposed canned beverages, if cans are arranged on the cover, can greatly reduce the chance of contamination.

2 choose external pull tab, not inverted tab.

3 cans, try not to a menu of materials for example, the market is also a tin cans of aluminum cans and plastic materials and, with the choice, avoid excessive intake of aluminum.

4 try to use a straw to drink cans of drink, or pour out to drink, do not mouth to drink.

5 if you can only mouth to mouth drink, open the front should be carefully rinse the mouth or wipe with a clean paper towel, as far as possible to avoid the use of clean hands directly wipe the mouth.

[case] can cause

The infection can be fatal

Health and safety issues about drinking cans of drink, in fact, a few years ago the Internet has had some spread, but did not cause the attention of people.

The reporter asked the people, most people said, each drink beverage cans in mind some apprehension, fear of the tank mouth is not clean, but only by hand or towel wipe, never thought more. However, a "drink beverage cans not deadly" message, so that we can not regard as unimportant to the can.

A few days ago, a large number of users have forwarded micro-blog, micro-blog said, a woman who drank a can drink was taken to the hospital, leaving the world. The autopsy died of the disease, and the drink was traced to her. The experiment proved that the jar mouth was infected by mouse urine ". Experts said in an interview with the media, micro-blog said the situation is not impossible.

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