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A man with cans as a miniature Chengdu works out of Asia

2016-11-11 10:04:47 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

Chengdu Xinhua park a sell cans crafts stalls, many onlookers. There stood a condensed version of the Chengdu landscape: a small corner Hejiangting, Wanfo building, Xinhua park......

The seller is also the creator, is a 76 year old uncle Gou Ruxi. This hobby, he insisted for more than 20 years. His work, had to help him recover arrears, but also by foreign friends as a work of art with abroad.

From the beginning by the ashtray

Before Gou Ruxi retired, is an electrical material factory workers.

After retirement, he was not like other old man likes singing and dancing or "build the Great Wall", but she began handicraft creation.

Gou Ruxi said that his first work is very simple, is an ash.

In 80s, he would love to color the tin Daoteng, his hands have a reputation at the factory. Once, and a colleague brings cans with cans made of the ashtray, please help him do a.

At this point, Gou Ruxi is not very confident, but he agreed to a colleague's request. Go back to study for a long time, and finally made a better than the sample of the cigarette ash tray.

This guest, let Gou Ruxi have a sense of achievement, but also had put waste cans into art creation ideas.

At that time, can also belong to the rare items". In order to support his family creation, when buying drinks only buy cans of. The children also launched around the relatives and friends, will drink cans to gou uncle.

Before retirement, Gou Ruxi's representative work is an ash tray, and it will only be the same.

After retirement, the uncle of "Studying" for several months, first made twenty or thirty different types of flowers. He is engaged in art teaching the younger brother to visit. The thought will be praised, who knows his brother just spit: "in my opinion, you will only do

This basket is a thing."

Gou Ruxi is not convinced, then try to create something else. When he saw the pop arts and crafts, always stop to try to figure out for a long time.

Odd crafts help him succeed again

The creation of tin handicrafts, not only add more fun to the life of Gou Ruxi, but also helped him succeed "to discuss the debt".

In 1989, Gou Ruxi and his colleagues went to Xinjiang Urumqi for payment. However, the other party has not been willing to honor. Gou Ruxi is very depressed, take the train to a nearby city to find relatives and boredom.

On the train, to pass the time, he took out the red cans on creation. Unexpectedly, the move attracted a circle of beautiful women to visit.

After his pride, Gou Ruxi can not help but think, to discuss the payment of the company division manager is also a girl, she would like to say that the little thing. On the train, he made up his mind, as the manager of the creation of a small gift, close to ask the gift.

After returning to Urumqi, Gou Ruxi took the cans crafts to find the woman manager division. Sure enough, the manager put it down on the small stuff, also asked him to do two. Three days later, Gou Ruxi with a gift to find the manager. He did not speak, the manager handed him a piece of money.

Far as a gift was brought out of the country.

Many works, Gou Ruxi's love is the Caotang Temple Wanfo building.

2007, to study in Singapore, Chengdu girl came to find uncle, want to buy the most Chengdu characteristics of the arts and crafts, she will give her mentor. At first glance, the girl chose to poke floor.

Despite his somewhat sad, but still love her. Later, Gou Ruxi came to Caotang Temple took a poke floor photos, according to re do a. So far, he is still a collection of.

Gou Ruxi's works have been taken abroad for more than once as a precious gift. When his friend's son learned to swim, he met a British coach. The young man wanted to give a foreign coach a meaningful souvenir, he was in Gou Ruxi's works. After the gift, the English coach is very happy to bring the work home display.

"I did not think that my work was out of Asia." Turning to these two events, Gou Ruxi looked very proud.

Now, Gou Ruxi is going to sell the finished product to the park. He said that the figure is not money, but the public's affirmative. Over the years, he has created the theme of the creation of the various attractions in Chengdu.

Gou Ruxi said: I am a common Chengdu grassroots, I want to leave the beauty of Chengdu, so that more people take away." At the same time, he also hope that through the homemade crafts to pass this way of life to more people, as much as possible to protect our living environment.

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