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The road to success

2016-11-11 10:08:13 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

I am just an ordinary can, don't look at me very ordinary, but I have a great ambition to become the king of the world, dominate the earth.

I was born in a small shabby factory, thousands of cans melted into liquid, in a dark night, suddenly boiling liquid countless steam rapid evaporation in the air. Leaving only the gathering of countless people the essence of me, I began to have a thought, I had stayed too late. The second day, when I woke up, I found in a sealed carton box, which is also a number of cans, but they have no idea. I stay in the box alone, don't know what will be waiting for me?

Finally, waiting for a week, I finally got out of the box, and I started my first nightmare. I was put on a high shelf, where I knew it was called the supermarket, and I was put in it. I see every day there are many different cans were taken away, and then some new cans were placed on the shelf. At first I did not know what their fate would be like? But it was not long before I knew that I was a wretched man looks away, in a supermarket bag.

And I don't know what else I came to a small room, I saw the corner of some cans, but do not know why their head cover opened. I was put in the inside of a refrigerator, where it was cool, but soon I felt cold. My temperature has dropped dramatically, and I think my ambition has not yet finished. I do not know how long, I vaguely remember that I was out of the refrigerator, the body temperature also began to rise, the body has regained consciousness.

Suddenly, a sharp pain in my head, the lid is opened, I remember who said: the head is open but I will die, in addition to start feeling no pain beyond what. I saw the wretched people start taking my blood, my blood in an unbelievable speed into his belly, a weak feeling pan. The world is not so bright, the darkness of my sky, a second is as long as a few decades. I shed my blood, I thought I was dead, the eyes are gradually shady barrier, thought also gradually disappear. My senses have been restored, and there is nothing wrong with the body except for its weakness. Oh, right, and my blood is not there, people do not say that there is no blood will die? It seems that human beings are not necessarily right, I found that I was abandoned in the corner, a group of people around there do not know what to say. Next to me there is a little boy, 16 years old, is to listen to those who speak. I like boring also listen to follow up, I heard some things unsuspectingly, out of order, it is too late, so I went to bed.

In the early morning of the second day, a group of young people came, each with a book, and the little boy. They started a new class, and I was listening to them. That day, I laid a solid foundation for my future, I started my marketing trip. I did not pay at that hearing a week, finished the night, a phone broke the quiet classroom. people

The group fled, not long after a group called the police to the East, a person is not caught. I also spent a long time in the room, I do not know how long before I heard a roar, I think I'm starting to fall, fell on the cement fainted. I woke up not long, the ruins were shovel away, I also came to the landfill. Here I saw countless brothers, they are not buried, but the large rolling machine has taken away the lives of countless. I have the honour of hid in the Unrecyclable garbage, buried into the ground, surrounded by darkness, with the increasingly heavy trash to my waist, I insist on the teeth. I began to exercise a hard body, I do not know how long, I will not feel the weight of the increase. I crawled out of the garbage to find the sky no longer blue, the river is no longer clear, there is no sign of life around. I a person walked into the city, found a diary in the mayor's office, the above scrawled something, it was not easy for me to recognize the handwriting. It says: "there is no heaven, no earth, no fresh water, no man can live without water. Now there is only prayer, hunger will not go away, the disease will not leave, but what can you do? Is human to blame.

I know that mankind has not, a year enough to destroy all life, I found that my ideal to achieve, I was the king of the world, but I have only one. I walk alone in the road, leaving the back of the interpretation of the end of life.

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