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The significance of recycling waste station waste cans for our lives

2016-11-11 10:13:54 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

Aluminum and its alloys are important raw materials for economic development, and are widely used in machinery, construction, automobile, aircraft, home appliances and packaging materials and other industries. After 80s, the world's rapid development of aluminum industry, production has been ranked first in the non-ferrous metals, in 2001 the original aluminum production has reached 24 million 670 thousand tons, consumption has reached 23 million 520 thousand tons. Although the primary aluminum industry developed rapidly, but also by the long construction period, large investment, high energy consumption, pollution and other issues of the constraints. In order to make up for the shortage of primary aluminum, to meet the growing demand of the market, the development of recycled aluminum has been attached great importance to the development of recycled aluminum and its products have been widely used in various industrial fields. It is reported that the world has reached about 8000000 tons of recycled aluminum production (which does not include China's production), accounting for 33% of the total output of aluminum, and the rapid development momentum. China's aluminum industry is developing very fast, at present, the original aluminum production reached 3 million 570 thousand tons, ranking first in the world. But because of Chinese population, the current per capita consumption of only 2.9KG, while the United States per capita consumption of aluminum is 29KG, Japan's per capita consumption of aluminum 23.8KG, far higher than the per capita consumption of Chinese, so Chinese aluminum and its alloys have broad prospects for consumption. In addition, Chinese aluminum recycling industry in recent years of rapid development, is in development stage, with the development of automobile, motorcycle, building and packaging industry, and the use of recycled aluminum production increased year by year, aluminum recycling industry will be more rapid development. It is understood that China's current annual output of aluminum recycling at least 1 million tons, of which 600 thousand tons of imported scrap in. In the use of waste, waste cans are still in the primary stage. According to the understanding, China's annual production of 10 billion cans, consumption of 3004 alloy 180 thousand tons. Tin is a commonly used consumables used waste. It is reported that China's annual produce at least 80 thousand tons of waste cans, also part of imports of waste cans, the total amount of up to 200 thousand tons. Can the material is Aluminum Alloy a higher grade, but due to backward technology, waste cans were all demoted. So far, China has no use of waste cans production of the original brand Aluminum Alloy enterprise. The development of waste cans production 3004 Aluminum Alloy project, there will be a high environment, resources and economic benefits. In recent years, some foreign investors spotted the huge potential China waste cans recycling and broad market prospects, many times to China were investigated, and the intention to develop 3004 Aluminum Alloy in China market. In addition, the Beijing Tianjin region is to produce waste cans more areas, waste cans produced mostly to Jiangsu and Zhejiang, was downgraded by. So there are many advantages in the construction of the project in Tianjin. In two, the use of foreign waste cans

Recycling of waste cans in developed countries a higher utilization rate can reach 60-80%. Using the way of foreign waste cans are mainly: 1, the production of steelmaking deoxidizer; 2, production of recycled aluminum ingot; 3, producing an approximate pure aluminum ingot product, do alloy ingredients and raw materials; 4, melting into the original brand (3004) of the Aluminum Alloy, directly used for the production of cans. Among them, the use of Aluminum Alloy waste cans production the original brand is the best way. Recycling of waste cans use began in the last century in the United States in 60s, recycling technology has also passed through several stages, the first is the bulk of waste cans is added to the furnace melt into recycled aluminum ingots, later found burning larger, then the waste cans packaging, improve the density, less surface area, metal recovery rate increased significantly, but is still the regeneration of aluminum ingot. The use of waste cans the most difficult problem is the problem of the paint layer, some countries by adding solvent in the smelting process, the paint layer and the solvent reaction of slag, but it is difficult to control technical conditions, the effect is very poor. After 80s of last century, some countries in the United States, Canada and Western Europe began to use waste cans production grade alloy ingots. The main technical problems of waste cans production is 3004 Aluminum Alloy pretreatment, these countries have adopted the pretreatment of advanced technology and equipment. First, the use of more advanced self ignition rotary kiln, so that the paint layer carbonization, and in the case of no pollution treatment, as a result of stripping the paint layer, simplifying the smelting process, improve the quality of products.

Three, the domestic waste cans recycling in China is the world's highest rates of recycling of waste cans, almost no waste, at the same time, China is the world's use of waste cans of lower grade countries, recycling of waste cans (including waste cans imported) are low grade use. At the same time, as a result of many enterprise equipment foundation is poor, the technical level is low, causes the environment pollution is serious, the cost is high, the product quality is bad the situation.

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