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Can have what effect?

2016-11-11 10:15:18 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

1 make an ash tray

2 make flower column to kind of orchids

3 take a pen

4 make a table lamp

5 make a box of candy

6 sell.. I heard 2 cents a.

7 cans of tab can do Keychain

7 ring ring coax girls can do

8 we will cans filled with larger particles of sand, shaking with a loud and clear voice, can use single or multiple cans. Can also be used as a signal device, such as a metronome, flower drum transfer drum etc.

9 in the corner of the sudden edge. Cinder track we used to use cement boards with apodeme along, but now the mainstream school of plastic runway track, at the time of construction, usually with white paint instead of the inner convex edge in the race, will be on-site installation Aluminum Alloy apodeme along, after the end of the game again the demolition, time-consuming and laborious. We use cans when apodeme along can solve this problem. Especially when the game in the process along is particularly important, the pop along the apodeme along the linea alba every one meter far place, the athletes running, the knock down will have suspected foul.

10 hand grenades. The top cover cut, split 3 - 4 cm along and cut a number of fixed handle; Sheng into the half pot of sand, a rolling pin diameter, 10 cm long stick into the sand and then cans, cans and sticks to the polymerization, die, become grenade shaped. This hand grenade is durable and economical.

11 fishing. Can open after a finger thick mouth, we can use this as a small fish in the mouth, some cans evenly placed in a certain area, each student holding a "fishing rod", from the "fish" area to a certain distance, "fishing" can touch the "fish" is appropriate to slightly less than "fish mouth" small matches as bait". Fishing done within the prescribed period of time, who is winning, can group games, can also be a single player game.

12 tin cans can do a lot of model, strong plasticity

13 with a stone hit can play games

14 saving pot;

15 cans can be cut with scissors, sharp, when the blade;

16 can be a barrier, ice skating and cars

17 to do weapons, the way encounter bad guys throw in the past

18 when the cup

19 when the ball kicks

20 can be done plum blossom pile

21 can put the drink

22 use the nail clippers in the foil cut 30, cut 15 or in cans. When it's finished, your nails will be sharp as new. Can a

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