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Analysis of defect cause of PET tube billet

2017-07-19 13:57:11 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

The tube billet product belongs to the packaging mould of sino, which has been engaged in the manufacture of pipe mould for many years, and has its own solution for some problems in the production of tube billet products.

1. It is a common problem of tube billet products. It is mainly produced in the middle part of the tube. The main reason is because the back pressure is not enough or the vent is blocked. If the back pressure is not enough, can increase the injection pressure. If the vent is blocked, clean the air hole of the mold.

2: the bottle preform wall bubble burst (presents bifurcate, auricular, herringbone), this kind of phenomenon generally because of reduced pressure too fast, injection stroke is too long, mould heating temperature too high causes, can use to increase the reduced pressure corresponds to the cycle, decrease the reduced pressure, the solution of reducing the mold temperature.

3: the separation line contraction hole, this kind of phenomenon occurs in the dividing line, because the injection quantity is insufficient, can increase the injection amount appropriately.

4. The bond between the body and the body is deformed because the mould is too hot and the die is not cool enough. Check the mold cooling system for failure. If the cooling system is ok, it can increase the production time or increase the cooling time.

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