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How to solve the defects of PET pipe injection molding

2017-07-20 10:41:20 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

PET at the bottom of the white bottle may be because of the hot runner temperature, or the temperature is not enough, can be used to strengthen the heat insulation measures, increase the hot nozzle temperature, increasing barrel temperature and reduce the pressure of injection speed, control method, slow down the flow rate of the cooling water to control the white PET tube at the bottom of the embryo.

PET tube blank opaque because raw material drying, plastic raw material is not too large or thick, or insufficient cooling barrel was combined with other plastic material and cause temperature is too high germ wall PET tube, PET can be placed in an oven drying of raw materials for more than four hours, the injection temperature and increasing the screw rotation speed increased check whether the material drying temperature, injection volume is too small or not match, must ensure that the raw material is less than 0.02% in 165 degrees drying to moisture content, and other methods to solve the problem of opaque. The reason why the PET tube is opaque from transparent may be that the mold temperature is too high to strengthen the cooling water, which is controlled by prolonging the cooling time and changing the injection time.

The reason for the fog on one side of the PET embryo may be that the pressure is too high and the gate hole deviation at the bottom of the product leads to attempts to reduce the injection pressure and correct the mold gate to control the problem here.

PET tube embryo products are silver lines or the product is yellow because the PET material may because of high temperature of plastic decomposition, can be used to reduce the drying humidity, prolong the drying time, adjust injection speed, reduce the barrel temperature to reduce thermal tip temperature control.

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