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The development and popularization of the lid of the canned food

2017-07-25 08:48:07 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

With the development of modern science and the popularity of our understanding of the EOE of canned food also has a new idea, the type of food can also slowly spread. Now, in addition to our common canned fish, canned fruit and so on, there are chestnuts, chicken, salad, abalone, braised meat and other canned foods are gradually fade in our line of sight. These products through processing techniques, made of new styles, very popular with the vast number of consumer groups.

Although the style of canned food is increasing, it is not just fruit and fish. But there are still some consumers who doubt the safety of such canned food. A lot of people wonder if there's any preservatives, but they don't contain preservatives, and they don't need them. There are consumer groups is concerned about the nutritional value of food cans will be weakened, in fact, the food into the tank, is completely sealed, the food in an anaerobic environment, which will in a sterile state, no microbial growth conditions, so the food will not be affected, is not need preservatives the. The process of controlling canned food remains fresh, allowing food to keep a high nutritional value.

Le Kai sot according to different requirements of customers to custom, from the appearance of fine quality detection, Le Qidou to supply easy to give the customer the best.


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