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Bioplastics make life better

2017-07-26 09:59:20 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

Food contact Perstorp had already obtained permission to use its Capa 6500D bio plastic products and 6800D. By adding Capa 6800D to its products, Perstorp is now able to provide more high molecular weight products, providing customers with more choice and flexibility to find the desired formula.

The new Capa 6800D bio plastics also extends the range of Perstorp biodegradable foods. Capa for Bioplastics is very durable, stable and easy to process and can provide first-class biodegradability. Bio plastics is a key area of Perstorp company, which reflects the company's commitment to environmental protection and a better vision for sustainable development in the future. Capa for Bioplastics exhibits excellent biodegradability and can improve bioplastics solutions and has unique product characteristics. In the bioplastics market, Capa is commonly used in bags, films, paper cups, and packaging.

Capa global product manager JesperFahl n said: "we have in Europe (EFSA) had several years of food contact approval. The approval of Capa, 6500D, and the new Capa 6800D also illustrates the safety of Capa for food applications, and makes bioplastics more sustainable."

The new Capa 6800D further extends the Capa portfolio of Perstorp products. It is a linear polyester of high molecular weight, derived from the monomer of caprolactone. Like the Capa 6500D, the Capa 6800D variant continues to perform its past best performance: it still has very good durability, stability, and ease of processing, and it has a first-class biodegradability. Perstorp MarieGr, executive vice president of nborg, said: "bio plastics market is growing rapidly, Perstorp can see the huge potential of biodegradable packaging and food applications. By providing different molecular weight options as well as a wider range of product combinations, we can fully meet customer needs. By helping manufacturers switch from traditional plastics to bioplastics, we together have reduced the pollution problems facing the planet."

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