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Note the use of tinplate lid

2017-07-28 11:30:25 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

Tin used in canned EOE packaging has become more and more popular, but some canned food factory use easy time is not long, not clear key points easy application, process the original flat cover is also performed, resulting in unnecessary losses. The canning factory used tin EOE should pay attention to the problem to do a simple introduction, I hope to help the canning factory.

1, easy selection

According to the size and type 1.1 tank body material thickness and hardness of the right type of easy, meet with the requirements cover.

1.2 according to the characteristics of the corresponding content in the coating type, thickness of the lid, ensure the corrosion resistance requirements.

1.3 as far as possible to buy the lid manufacturer and special occasions.

2, roll sealing

2.1 sealing head should be matched with the sealing lid, cover the common pressure head and the bottom.

2.2 different manufacturers should replace the pressure head easy to match, do not mix.

2.3 avoid using a knife like indenter to prevent damage to the coating on the shoulder blades.

2.4 batch use pre test machine, to determine the sealing of the indicators meet the requirements; pay attention to the body and cover material thickness and hardness differences, timely adjustment of the sealing roller position and shape.

The 2.5 volume before and after sealing easy open cover depth difference is less than 0.5mm.

3, the lid can sterilization

3.1, keep sterilization pot clean, canned filling, sealing, after washing by hot water, to prevent the residual sugar, acid, salt and other substances into the sterilization pot, lead to corrosion of the lid.

3.2 strictly abide by the operation process of sterilizing and cooling, avoid cooling too fast, leading to a lack of back pressure of the cover surface, deformation, explosion tank and angle reticle and coating film damage.

3.3 cooling water meets the standards of drinking water, no excessive iron, chloride, sulfate and other impurities; strict control of cooling water, residual chlorine at 1 - 3ppm, and regular replacement.

3.4 canned cooling temperature control at 37 degrees Celsius, avoid excessive cooling, timely cleaning, high pressure air blow off the cover and ring below the water stain, especially to ensure the lid pull ring under dry and clean, avoid rust, rust proof oil storage before applying canned suggestions.

4, easy storage and transportation of canned food

4.1 storage of canned warehouses should be well ventilated with little change in temperature and relative humidity not exceeding 70%.

4.2, canned into the warehouse temperature, if the pot temperature is lower than the warehouse room temperature, the temperature difference is more than 10 degrees, and relative humidity is big, easy to make jar cover "sweating" and corrosion.

4.3 regular inspection of canned goods, to prevent the two cans of pollution due to the leakage of individual cans.

4.4 cans can be handled carefully in packing, handling and transportation, avoiding heavy pressure, and preventing rough handling from damage to tins and tins.

5, other matters needing attention

5.1 easy storage

5.1.1 into the factory the lid should be stored in ventilated and dry, the relative humidity of <70% warehouse; warehouse environment clean, no harmful gas pollution.

5.1.2 should be stacked in the plate on the lid and away from the wall above 30cm; to prevent the weight, high pile of not more than 7 carton packaging box, pallet packaging should not be stacked higher than two pallets, ultra high formwork must use stratified stacking.

5.1.3 long time storage of EOE to detect the quality of the lid before use to confirm qualified can be put into use.

5.2 steps of opening can lid:

A, lift the ring, knock the line, and continue to pull it up. Try to enlarge the opening;

B, press the cover surface, the index finger hook, pull the ring back.

5.3 reasonable disposal of open iron pieces and empty cans, to avoid harm to the human body and the environment.

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