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Customer from Vietnam visited our company

2017-07-29 13:20:35 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

         With the promotion of Leqi Gai(plastic easy open lid) in the foreign market, more and more foreign customers notice this new easy open packaging product.  The plastic packaging manufacturer from Vietnam visited Shandong Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Accompanied by Mr. Wenling Cao(Leqi Chairman), Mr. Shaolian Wu(Production manager), Miss Katie Zhu(Foreign trade manager) and Mr. Xianglong Peng (Domestic trade manager), Mr. Dip Van Minh showed great enthusiasm for further cooperation with Leqi after the visit. Mr. Dip Van Minh is strongly interested in PET performs and plastic easy open lid produced by our company. He said that plastic easy open lid will be another change in the plastic packaging industry. He has great confidence for the future cooperation. As a production and distribution agent in Vietnam, Mr. Dip Van Minh had previously purchased PET performs produced by our company. He gave a high appraisal of the plastic products produced by Leqi. He hoped that both sides would be able to become Long-term stable strategic cooperative relations, and further promote sales and promotion of Leqi products in the overseas market. Mr. Wenling Cao, Leqi Chairman, said that two companies will conduct a comprehensive and comprehensive cooperation, hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, committed to the development of the alliance platform to achieve a win-win situation.

Mr. Dip Van Minh firstly visited the company's headquarters in the Lushang Center, and negotiated with Mr. Wenling Cao for further cooperation.


Mr. Dip Van Minh and Mr. Wenling Cao carefully listened introduction of Leqi Gai from the staff.


Then Mr. Dip Van Minh visited the Leqi factory under the leadership of the factory managers.



Mr. Dip Van Minh was very satisfied with Leqi plastic products and thumbed up


Mr. Dip Van Minh visited the sample room with the staff members.



Focusing on the global plastic packaging industry and depending on high-quality Leqi products and their credibility , Shandong Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd wins good reputation of domestic and foreign customers since its found. Our company combines manufacturing, technology research and development with alliance platform marketing as one, based in China, developed to overseas! Leqi products win more than 30 national patent certifications all over the world, including China, Japan, South Korea and the European Union and so on.

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