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Strong environmental protection supervision, plastics terminal hit

2017-08-03 09:20:18 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

In 2016, the plastics market especially PVC in the environmental protection industry to promote the strong positive, market prices against the pull up, with calcium carbide method in East China PVC mainstream transaction price as an example, in 2016 the highest price of 8480 yuan / ton, compared with a low of 4760 yuan / ton, or up to 78.2%.

Entered in 2017, environmental supervision efforts unabated, anti - law enforcement, and spread to the region, people dumbfounded. So why hasn't the plastic price pulled up again?

The reason is that last year, environmental inspection and supervision around the upper reaches of plastic production enterprises, this year spread to a wide range, not only for plastic upstream production enterprises, but also around the terminal products enterprises in depth.

Plastic upstream production capacity of enterprises, the environmental protection procedures are more comprehensive, but also in the last year environmental supervision, substandard enterprises have also made corresponding corrective measures, are currently within the scope of the target. And the biggest characteristic of plastic product enterprise is "scatter, disorderly, miscellaneous"". Family workshops, small businesses, countless environmental protection procedures incomplete, environmental pollution larger, therefore, become the top priority of environmental protection supervision.

Refraction upstream to plastic enterprises, then the upstream supply of adequate, terminal small workshops, environmental protection procedures incomplete enterprises are facing parking, relocation or removal, will inevitably have a greater impact on the demand side.

At present, environmental supervision groups nationwide in North China, the supervision is still relatively strong, Juxian 2000 plastic processing enterprises including granulation, blown film, color printing on the meeting Saturday, Sunday all shut down. After the rectification, we must timely acceptance, acceptance before driving. There is no specific time, EIA, safety supervision, fire at the same time. At the same time, Shandong, Linyi is also the case, the current parking enterprises accounted for 2/3 of enterprises, Henan, Zhumadian and Hebei region as well.

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