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China Plastics City line on-line integration of the development of the market under way to promote

2017-08-29 13:35:51 山东乐启智能科技有限公司 читать

The day before, Zhejiang province online market integration demonstration pilot work site exchange will be held in Yuyao City, China plastic city to promote the integration of the development of online and offline market practices have been fully affirmed in the meeting, and as a promotion experience.

The province to promote the integration of online and offline market development work began in 2015. For more than two years, China Plastics City Management Committee and the municipal market supervision bureau and other departments have vigorously promoted the integration and development of China Plastics City online and offline market, and achieved initial results, which are embodied in the following two aspects.

Efforts to promote the building of good faith as the focus of the construction of the real market, consolidating the next line of the market. In order to establish a sound credit evaluation system of plastic city as the focus, and guide enterprises to firmly establish law-abiding, honest Xingcheng "and moral concept, establish a trustworthy incentive and disciplinary mechanisms promises to release credit" black list "; adhere to enhance the overall competitiveness of the market as the direction, focus on cultivating a number of leading enterprises with core competitiveness by means of modern marketing, encourage enterprises to do large-scale, to further attract foreign enterprises in the market scale agglomeration; start to reform the market environment of hardware and software, to enhance the market level of standardized management, the development of the concept of innovation market, build brand market, consolidate and enhance the" four star civilized norms market to create results, further improve the overall market environment, operating order and the degree of civilization. At the same time, the online market, online plastic and Plastic City Chamber of Commerce in the full integration of resources, to carry out large data analysis, grasp the market operation rules, analysis of economic situation, the monthly analysis of domestic general plastic raw material market, to provide effective data for the enterprise, according to the common problems encountered in enterprises, research solutions, and promote the healthy operation of the market.

Efforts to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional markets, innovation online market. Comply with the "Internet plus" trend of development, vigorously develop e-commerce, increase efforts to support the existing market leading enterprises and e-commerce platform, the integration of market of existing business resources, focus on the cultivation of the reputation and competitiveness of enterprises; the innovation and development of e-commerce trading platform to accelerate the release of information, price formation, payment settlement and other functions and strive to "Ningbo easy payment" has become the most competitive domestic exchange settlement areas third party payment institutions, in order to achieve the modernization of market transactions, to speed up the form style, the full range of market function; vigorously promote plastic city online trading market trading service ability, innovative development model, the introduction of strategic investment, gradually based on the formation of innovation entity market, online trading and industrial chain means of service trade system, create" Internet plus plastic city "," Internet plus business "," Internet plus supply chain finance "the development of new ecological.

The organic integration of the traditional professional market and online trading market under the line, promote the development of integrated management, market and the online market interactive line, so that the China plastic city in the aspect of information become the way ahead concentrated, convenient transactions, perfect service, integrity of the commodity trading platform, brand reputation and market trading volume gradually rose. According to statistics, this year 1-6 months, the total market turnover amounted to 53 billion 521 million yuan, an increase of 28.5%, the total trading volume of 4 million 722 thousand tons, an increase of 14.9%.

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